This weekend I worked a just little bit more in the car. I bought a SurForm tool from Stanley, and I found out how much easy is to model the foam. It doesn't produces a smooth surface as a paper-sand, but its good enough, and it cuts quite fast :D I did some work on the front wheel arches, as they were missing some bits on its ends. I had already glued some foam on those ends, so it was just a mater of giving it some form, which was quite easy with the SurForm tool :). I also did some work on the front wind-shield with the Surform tool to smooth some parts. I was about to level the all car so that I could see if there is some bad problems to solve, like something being "bent" or higher on some side. When I took the car outside, it appeared to me that the roof was higher on one side, but after looking at it with more attention,I guess that the rear end is lower from one side due to the wood structure from that side had fallen off of its support, but I am still not sure. I will have to reinforce the metal frame so that it wont bend so easily, and only then I can start taking measures and take some conclusions. I hope the car is not too much twisted... Oh, sorry about the quality of the picture, they were taken with my cell phone...