This weekend was time to bring the car to the light of day :) The main problem is that I had laying at the front of the door of the garage lots of old doors and windows, which I had to remove them to another site to be able to open the door of the garage and bring the car outside. The purpose of bringing the car outside was to be able to see the all car with out having that post in the middle of it so I can have an idea of the dimension of the all car. In some photos that I took and photoshop'ed to remove the post out of the car, I got with the impression that the car had a very large wheel base and a bit disproportional to the length of the all car, so this trip to the outside helped me to clear thins out. It turns out that the car has a long wheel base, but not as long as I was thinking, It has a wheel base of about 1770mm, which is a bit bigger than most of the supercars around, but by the looks of it, I guess it doesn't get bad at all. This are excellent news, as I was already prepared to cut the car in half to reduce the wheel base :),I am glad that I will not have to do that... Bringing the car to the outside, also allowed me to look at the car from angles that I had never looked at it. I had never been able to look at it from behind, and it revealed that roof is higher on the right side of the car, so, I guess that will be the next thing on my TODO list :) Besides this, I worked a bit more on the rear wheel arches, and I guess they are done, at least for now. I have also glued some bits of foam on some places of the car that was missing, mainly on the front wheel arches. The next time I work on it, I will carve that foam bits to shape. Take a look on the photos to have an idea of how the all thing is. Don't mind the wheels, as they have the wrong size, mainly the rear ones. Sorry about the bad pictures, but the sun was right on top of the car and with the withe wall on the back it was quite difficult to get a decent contrast between the car and the wall.