This weekend it was time to make a fresh start on making a smooth finish. The last time I applied polyester putty over the foam to later make a finish smooth surface. That solution revealed to be very hard to become a smooth finish, as its not that easy to smooth that putty. So, I decided to get rid of the putty and apply drywall mud instead of the putty, since it allows to have a perfect smooth finish, but its much easier to sand down. This weekend I used an angle-grinder with a sand-paper disk to remove some of the polyester putty. This revealed to be harder than I thought, as the putty was quite hard, and as soon I got to the foam, it would make a hole. It really isn’t a big deal, since it will all be covered with drywall mud, but its sad to see all the work I have done filled with holes In order to apply the drywall mud as evenly as possible, I cut some thin strips of 3mm cardboard, attached them to the foam using small nails, and then filled in between the strips with drywall mud. Unfortunately I only have pictures of the cardboard in place, since the camera run out of battery before I apply the drywall mud.