This weekend I managed to start a new stage on the build, although the first stage is not 100% completed. I bought a 2KG can of body filler and decided it was time to start spreading the "thing" over the car. First I tried the filler over a small piece of foam to see if there was any problem, and there was, the filler was "eating" the foam. So, I decided to apply a thin layer of white glue over the foam, and then apply the filler over the glue. I started by the rear left wheel, as the foam was quite rough in that area. First I applied the white glue over the foam, let it dry overnight and only then I applied the boy filler over the foam. It got with a rough texture, as I applied a rather thick layer of filler so I have some degree of freedom when sanding it down to a smooth finish. The 2kg can of body filler is quite small, but it had a coverage area much bigger than I was expecting, as I was able to almost cover one of the rear wheels.