The last time I made something in the car was a while ago, and to make things worst, I forgot to make an update.... So, with almost 2 monhts of delay, here goes a samll update. Basically I kept wotking in the same part of the car, the left side, trying to smooth things out as much as possible. This time I decided to spray some parts with a cheap black paint and the light sand the paint to reveal the high and low spots.This revealed a scenario much worst than I thought it was, the surface was much more uneven than I thought. Any way, this helped me to pinpoint the exact locations of where to apply more drywall mud and where to make more sand work. In the pictures it's possible to see how it was in the beginning and in the end, still far from finish. I also give more detail in some corners of the fins and of the side vents, which were really rough and looking bad... Sorry for the quality of the pictures, as some were taken with the cellphone...