This weekend I managed to work a bit more on the car. This time I decided to sand down the drywall mud to a smooth surface. As I was expecting, the marks left from the cardboard strips were still visible in some places after sanding down the drywall mud. I don't understand why, but it seems that while spreading the mud in the gaps left by the cardboard strips, it gets lower than it should be.... Any way, after sanding down the mud, I had to apply another layer of drywall mud to remove those "lower" parts left by the card board strips. This time I decided to make a thicker mix drywall mud, using about 2.75 parts of powder to 1 part of water. This produced a mix that is much easier to spread. On Sunday morning I went to take a look to see if the mud was already dried, and it was :D. So, I decided to sand down the "new" mud in order to get a smoother surface. This final sanding revealed to be quite successful, producing a smooth surface. Yet, there were still some low spots, so I had to apply some mud over those spots,but this time in a much smaller quantity, which will be sanded down in the next time. Unfortunately, I only had time to make this final sanding in the left part of the car... Oh, unfortunatly I forgot my camera, so the I had to use the cell phone to take the pictures.