As promised to the guys of www.fiberglassforums.com , from now on, I will start posting in English. This weekend I cleaned up shed and moved an old salt sink that was on the middle of the shed to a corner under the stairs. After that was all done, I could then take a decent photos of the rear of the car. I had already done a new cardboard wheel the other week, but had not test it as it should be, so, I installed both of them to take some "decent" photos. With the wheels on site, I am almost getting to the conclusion that I will use a slightly smaller wheels and cut the wheel arches just bit all round(about 5mm). Also, I think I will cut the lower center part of the car about 1 or 2 cm so that the front part gets to the level of the central part. In these photos, the first picture is a photo that has been changed in order to see the all car without the pillar on the middle, I took several photos of it and later I composed them, it's not perfect, but it works out :)