No, the project is not dead. Although there was no news over more than a year, its not dead. It's moving very very slowly, but not dead. During this period, I didn't manage to make any significant changes, just minor smoothing here and there, which would be imperceptible in the pictures. 

This weekend I managed to do some work(not much) which is more visible: I decided to give some attention to the rear end of the car, which was very rough. So I started by sanding it down, removing the high spots. The rear end has many low spots, so I will have to fill them with dry-mud on the next time I work on it.

As some of you have noticed, I dropped the name ps10.homeip.net and changed it to the free ps10.dyndns.org name. After using this name for a while, DynDNS decided to stop supporting free DNS hosting. After googling for alternatives, I decided to create this blog in Blogger.com, which is much more reliable, simpler to maintain and I will have no problems with names. Still, it has a great integration with Google+ and Google Photos(picasa). Hopefully Google will not kill the service as it did with Google Reader.

So, from now on, any updates on the project will be posted here. Hope you like the new format.