This weekend was time to straighten things up, working over the drywall mud applied over the last time. The side parts were never as I wanted them, since they are supposed to be straight, and not curved, so, this weekend was spent over those areas, first using the Stanley Surform tool to remove excess drywall mud, and then apply a new layer of drywall mud to remove some very low spots,which, in some spots, was more than 5mm deep.... In the next morning, after the new drywall mud have dried, it was time to check for low spots, even out things a bit with the Surform tool and getting it ready for the next layer of drywall mud,which will get at about 90% near perfection ;-) Sadly, I only was able prepare the left part of the car to the new layer... Oh, I also applied drywall mud in the left "gills". Take a look at the pictures to see how its going ;-)