Some photos from some work I did about 3 weeks ago and forgot to update the site. In that weekend I worked a bit more on the rear right wheel arch and its starting to take its final shape. I tried to apply some polyurethane foam in order to smooth some parts but that didn't went well, so decided to remove all the polyurethane foam that I had applied. After that, I turned my attention to the other wheel, which had not received any work in order to increase its size. I started to glue some bits of foam, but unfortunately I went out of glue, so I couldn't finishing this initial process to increase the wheel arch. On the next time I will have to glue some more foam, wait for it to dry, and only then remove the excess. If the glue wouldn't have runned out, I could start by sculpting the foam instead right away. Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, they were taken with the cell phone...